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A path can be made day after day following the same direction.
A journey with a plan is deliberate. It will empower you to believe
and inspire you to open your eyes to new possibilities.​

Dream, plan, enjoy.

Watch what our clients, small business owners Kym and Jo Masters, founders of award-winning Section 28 Cheese, have to say …

​When you started the voyage, there was just YOU.
Then you became US. Now gathered around you is
your OWN CREW. 

Succession planning takes time. Let’s plan the sequel together.

Your job is to protect the land and make money. Our job is to make sure you are protecting those you love.

Watch what dairy farmers Nick and Bernie Masterman, of Farmers Own, have to say …

​Tell us about your bucket list. Are you in your 20s, 40s, 50s, 60s or retired? Plan your dreams and be amazed.



Worried about your future? Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. We help families and individuals who either run small businesses or agricultural businesses. We want you to find a painless and efficient way of reaching your lifestyle goals.

​The Money Matrix team, with owners David and Eileen Nelson, provide quality, honest-to-goodness financial advice with valuable tips and support. From making strategic decisions to developing your financial plan, we are here to help. Between us, we have 93 years of financial experience, stories, and wisdoms to share. Education gives us the knowledge to get your plan on paper, and our personal experiences will provide you with a deep understanding of how to get there. 

Whether you are starting a business, thinking of selling the farm, trying to develop a succession plan or needing to find those tax-effective strategies to catapult you to financial freedom, you will be in good hands with kind and thoughtful people.

​You will receive real solutions and experience actual results. Our job is to lighten your load and worries, to give you time to focus on the essential things in your life, and with your family. With our team of honest, trusted professionals, you will always be the priority.

Since 2005, David has been on the road, serving loyal rural South Australians in agriculture and small businesses. We don’t forget about you in Adelaide. In fact, we have clients from the Adelaide CBD to Queensland, Victoria and NSW.

“David and his team have a wonderful rapport with their clients and have a lovely sense of humour. We can trust David with our business and future and have been happy to refer him to several of our friends and family. David manages to answer questions that other professionals have been unable to help us with.”
Brian and Wye, 65+, now retired farmers


Strategic Planning at It's Best

We are proud to say that our clients stay with us year after year. We pride ourselves on working with the multi-layered generations of the family as we’re genuinely passionate about succession planning. 

David grew up on the family farm in Glencoe (South Australia). He saw first-hand the trials and challenges associated with agriculture, watching his parents walk off the farm in the late 1970s with nothing. David and his family ended up in emergency housing. The experience has given him a strong passion and respect not just for the land and farming, but for the finance industry. David is committed to making sure this does not happen to any other agricultural or small business client on his watch.


Our clients know we are dedicated to them and their best interests. We can’t make it rain or stop the frost, but we can help you secure your financial future and protect those you love most.

Whether you’ve been a client for one year or 15 or are thinking about coming on board, we devote time to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities in your financial portfolio. Don’t take our word for it. Read the 210 Client Reviews on “Advisor Ratings”, Australia’s only independent financial adviser ratings and customer review service.

View David’s Reviews

​Listen to JUSTIN AND BEC WestHoff They Trust THE MONEY MATRIX

“As clients of David, we would like to express our satisfaction and gratitude for his services. We have been associated with his family as clients for eight years. In this time, he has provided us with up-to-the-minute investment information and recommendations regarding superannuation, portfolio investments and implementing salary sacrifice strategies. We have always found David, Eileen and staff to be professional and efficient in the services provided to us and do not hesitate in recommending them to our friends. During this time, we have always found David to be extremely professional, honest, abreast of current issues, products and services that may be suitable to us and our family.”      
Justin & Bec Westhoff, former ALF player PAFC, business owners of Pip & Lenny and Forage Supply Co food truck


We have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations. We offer a variety of services customised to fit specific needs. Learn more about what we can help you achieve.

Succession Planning the Strategic Plan

Are you starting to feel tired and think you need help? Is technology moving faster than you can keep up with? They're your babies. Can they really run the business or the farm like you? Are they ready? Do you even know if they want to take over? Speak to David Nelson, the No 1 guy in the succession-planning space for agriculture. Even his peers come to him for mentoring.


Do you talk to your mates and family about money? Do you rely on your mates around the barbie for sound advice? Do you know it is the most regulated area in the world of finance? A degree in cooking a snag won't cut it. Speak to award-winning SMSF specialist David Nelson. 


Lost your income due to illness? Aged 40 and need open-heart surgery? Do you have a history of family illnesses? Has Covid changed how you have to work and make an income? Have you thought about how your family would survive and pay the mortgage without you?


Are you working incredibly hard and feeling tired of paying so much tax? Have you heard others saying they're not paying anywhere near as much tax as you? How are they doing it? Ever wondered what options and how to be more efficient with your hard-earned income? David Nelson is known amongst his peers as the Tax Strategist. 

Agri Business  Specialist

Sleepless nights? Worrying over a cup of coffee when speaking with your partner? Not sure how you are going to get away from your business and retire when you are cash poor but asset rich. When you want someone with an agri background to help you make sure you have the right approach to your overall business strategy, David Nelson is the name.

Wealth Creation

Thinking about the next project, and can you afford it? It's not just about growing the farm or building your business. It's about growing your overall wealth in the best way possible. 


Thinking about debt and how to get it to work better for you? We have the right people in our tool kit with an understanding of agricultural and business finance. Not sure if you should borrow or lease? We know the options available.

Complex Investments

You know there must be other options out there. You need someone to help you find them and explain them to you. Call the Money Matrix on 08 8232 1029 and speak with David Nelson and his team.


Hearing myriad options? Don't get caught up on get-quick-rich stories. Scams are everywhere. Your friends at weekend barbies may mean well, but you need to know all the rules and grow your wealth.


You've worked hard, the kids are grown up and now it's time for you to enjoy what you have created. Don't dwell on leaving it all to the kids. It's the memories you can create together that really count.

Small Business Advice 

We work with other professionals to help you develop business strategies to get the most out of your business.

Debt Reduction

When you want a different approach to accelerate the repayment of your loans while building wealth.

Estate Planning

You want to make sure everything you have created goes to the people you care about, and reduce the risk of challenge.


Do you have a special something you are saving for, or have you put money aside for a rainy day? Do you need help to find the best way to create savings? We can help you.


Be it direct shares, property trusts, managed funds, or bespoke managed discretionary accounts, we can help you decide the best fit for you. 

“David is hugely valuable to us in terms of understanding what we need and bringing our own ideas together. He guides and helps us as a couple, to get on the same page regarding mutual aims and understanding how we should handle our finances. David manages to understand our lifestyle, balancing this with the dollars. We love his plain English and constantly marvel at his up-to-date concepts. How brilliant it is to be able to tap into this level of passion and knowledge.”
Kym and Dianne Mattsson, 59-64, small business building company