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Our first meeting with you is at our expense. If you decided you like us we charge a fix fee for service, which is worked out based on your needs. You will know this by the end of your first meeting.
We invest our time to get to know you in the beginning, once you commit, we charge a fee to develop your Advice and work with other professionals if needed. Keeping you informed along the journey.
Depending on the complexity, it will take 4 weeks to 6 months to complete the initial advice plan.
Think of initial Advice as the map, and continuous service is the tour guide who will navigate and negotiate changes and roadblocks along the journey. Advice is for ever-changing like your life.
Yes. David Nelson has non-financial relationships with any professional that he will recommend to you. And the good news is we have either used these professionals ourselves along our own journey, or we have worked very closely with them over the years. We trust them to make the right decisions for our clients. After all, it’s our reputation on the line.
David and Jason are Qualified Mortgage Lenders offering tailored solutions for refinancing, new home loans, and business-related finance needs, including working capital, property, equipment, and investment lending. Our advisors, David, and Jason, specialise in sourcing loans from a range of lenders, from the big four to smaller entities, to suit your unique circumstances. Whether it’s reviewing your ongoing service or guiding you through new financial decisions, consider The Money Matrix Finance division as your value-added partner in navigating the financial landscape to a new mortgage.
Ongoing service entitles you to 1 compulsory Annual Review. This can be in your home where you live or at our office. David travels all around Rural and Urban South Australia. Plus, David is happy to attend your EOFY meeting with your Accountant until the end of May if in the country and up to the end of June in the City.
There will be times outside of your regular meetings that you will need to meet with other advisors. David is happy to participate in the discussions with lawyers when setting up structures, succession planning and estate planning. We believe in the Holistic approach.
As many phone calls, zooms or conference calls as you need. Better to call and chat than to make a decision and then needing to find a financial fix. If you are not sleeping, either are we.
Depending on the price of your ongoing service, you can see David up to 6 times at either our office at our home or in your home if he is travelling your way.
Yes, depending on your structure and what you need, will vary the cost. We find that businesses, farming and employees all benefit and are best suited to On-Going Service. You can pay upfront or be charged a monthly fee for the entire year once the contract is signed. We are working in your corner throughout the year.
The initial conversation has no cost to you, so give us a call. You never know what we may find throughout your discussion. Many a young person has chatted with David or Tony to get some general direction. As life moves on, they come back when the time is suitable years later.
What is vital to The Money Matrix is Our Clients, and their outcomes with their success come to our success.
The Client is charged a fee for service, and you are paying for the work that is produced and the intellectual property of our advisors.