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To provide personal advice to agricultural and small businesses with integrity, honesty and authenticity. To assist in transitioning their businesses to their families, or to exit from their operations with greater wealth and prosperity, through working with us. 

Whether they are starting a business, thinking of selling the farm, trying to develop a succession plan or needing to find those tax-effective strategies to catapult them to financial freedom, the Money Matrix team aims to provide a path. 

Let us know your story, and we will create the ending together.



Senior Advisor/Owner

BSC Oe & V, GDip Fp, GDip App. Fin, CFP, SMSF Association SSA, CertFin(Mort)

Meet The Winged Keel, known to his wife as a husband, “A lover, and a fighter,” and a man that hates Plagiarism. He wouldn’t say he likes Acronyms, but he does rock out many letters after his name. Sometimes known by his peers as the alphabet man – BSC Oe & V, GDip Fp, GDip App. Fin, CFP, SMSF Association SSA, CertFin(Mort).

Every day David is the dynamic force driving the business.  Covering 700-1500Km weekly David is engaging with clients and relentlessly explore legislative update making sure he is using tax effective strategies and methods to get the best outcomes for every clients.  David commitment to acquiring knowledge and precision underscores his passion for delivering unparalleled value.   Leading the hard-working team, putting out daily fires, and writing sophisticated strategies is what he loves best. 

However, he feels his pièce de resistance was  boiling spuds for 4 hours, &  bleaching brand-new sheets and towels with Domestos just after the honeymoon. He was hoping that by committing these domestic blunders, he would evade household chores, a strategy that seemed to work for almost 25 years. However, Eileen, is wise to his antics now, and she expects a lot more help around the house. Davids domestic duties has extended in to childrearing and he will be forever known as the dad who told his 2-year-old that the giant sunflower on the playhouse building was a windmill !!!  He should hold an MBA in Passion, Honesty but not in house duties or child minding:

In his former life, David was an Oenologist for 17 years (Wine Maker). During vintage, he learned to sleep standing but never over the crusher or the vat. The winery cat did it, and the following year they named the Port – CatNip!! He realised at the ripe old age of 21 when he finished his degree that even if you spit out 200 wine tastings in a day, you still end up drunk. He believes that he is still the current state record holder for the “2 Moving Parts Award 1989” when winemaking at Renmano. If you want to know the whole story, ask him when you see him. As a winemaker, he learned that great wines are made over ten years and start and finish with the land. He loves this parallel with his Financial Advice and his Farming Families.

Davids’s wheelhouse is: Providing sophisticated advice for small businesses and agriculture. He loves succession planning and family dynamics. “It’s incredible how we all are so different, but also the same.”

Having a Bachelor’s in being thick-skinned helps when you hold a Master’s in being brutally honest and blunt in meetings. He is not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s ok, as he only drinks coffee, and no one has died in a meeting because he told them a few home truths.

Davids’s industry achievements are extraordinary along with his education. He is constantly learning to keep up to date. He has many industry awards to back it up. If you have the inclination, then feel free to check out the Awards Page.

His experience is extensive; living overseas for 7 years working for an international company has broadened his thinking. 


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Customer Relations

DFP Diploma in Financial Planning & Mummy Extraordinaire

Meet the team’s “Wilting Violet”! Oh, she might posture as an unassuming introvert, but remember, appearances can be deceiving. This wife, ‘Swim Mum,’ and all-around ‘Uber’ for whatever you’re pondering also proudly claims an MBA in Love, Understanding, Hugs, and Kisses. And let’s not forget her mastery in Positive Mental Attitude—finishing every email with a quote and she has them plastered around her house as well.

Our master at diary management, she can chat your ear off and has David crisscrossing South Australia in ways only the “Where is” app understands. Her culinary arts? Legend speaks of her uniquely crafted schnitzels were once band by her then 6 year old son saying “Mum let’s leave schnitzels for when we go out” and that signature gluggy rice is a definite NO.  She can cook a mean roast!!!

While the world sees a former rugged-life enthusiast who once braved grade 5 Rapids on the Zambezi, Parachuting and living in a third-world country packing  a semi-automatic for protection she’s more  about the safer more quiter life lightly sprinkled with adventure.

Her love for everything sparkly earns her the ‘bower bird’ nickname from her hubby. And while YODA might say, “Master of IT, I AM NOT,” she would say, “You betcha!” You’ll know when she’s around—her infectious laughter can be heard and tends to  draw those around her into its merry contagion. And did we mention she can be quite loud!!!.

However, here’s the paradox: she’s a dynamo in familiar terrains, a livewire around those she knows, but she’s equally passionate about her serene moments. Like soaking up the tranquil vibes of an empty beach in winter—her very own sanctuary of peace.

In her youthful days Eileens sparkling spirit was once known to bash out the odd melodies on the ivory, competing at national levels in both Music and Athletics.  In a chapter from a former life, she was the fun, spirited music teacher, with playful antics and infectious enthusiasm making sure lessons were fun and children were to move and feel the music.  Whether accompanying the school choirs or teaching the ins and outs of the piano and organ, she likes to think she left a mark of joy and music in all she taught.  

As for life’s achievements there’s many but, maintaining a sense of humour after 36 years of marital bliss is certainly one, even if it requires occasional check-ins with David to remember just how many blissful years it has been. She harbours dreams of travelling again and especially a reunion with The Blarney Stone in Ireland is on the list.  She wants to make sure she’s always up for a chat


0449 976 810        (08) 8232 10 29


B.A [Bio Sci], Grad Dip Fin Plan. CertFin(Mort)

Meet Jason, our “Finance Virtuoso”. With over 20 years of experience in financial advising, he brings unparalleled knowledge and an unwavering dedication to providing excellent client service. Having worked closely with David for seven years in the Agri team at NAB, the duo are back.  Jason is a master in providing strategic financial guidance, particularly to clients nearing or already in their retirement phase. Known for his optimistic outlook, Jason always finds something good to say about everyone he interacts with – truly appreciating the individuality of each one.

Out of office, Jason is Married to the love of his life, has 2 amazing teenagers, each excelling at their sporting endeavours -soccer. He loves gardening and spending quality time with his family and friends.  Jason didn’t quite read the memo about that when he put in a pool  last year it  meant he now gets a new title in the house of  “ Pool Cleaner”   An avid runner, finds Jason braving all kinds of weather to uphold his minimum 5km a day rule. Health-conscious and disciplined, Jason resists the temptations of Eileen’s celebratory treats, he manages to keep the cakes and biscuits at bay. 

Jason demonstrates a certain artistry in sidestepping the camera, which brings a hint of intrigue to our office shenanigans, especially when Eileen, our resident paparazzi, is on the prowl for a quick photo op. His camera shyness is as legendary as his commitment to his work, and we respect his wish for discretion while appreciating the unique charm it adds to our team dynamic.  In truth Eileen loves the Challenge.   

Jason’s professionalism, personal discipline, and camera elusiveness has earnt him the name as the “Invisible Hawk” his eye for detail is amazing. His positivity brightens our office, making him an integral part of our diverse and energetic team. “Eileen often jokes that if she could borrow a sliver of Jason’s discipline, she’d probably be running marathons… or at the very least, she’d remember where she left her keys! & stop misplacing her glasses every other hour!” 



Associate Planner

Tom, our resident country boy had swapped the peaceful fields of Mid North SA for the lively dorms at The boarding house at PAC.   Tom is a spirited young man who embraces life with open arms, he’s eager to learn and has boundless enthusiasm for the finance Industry.  Tom has done amazing things since leaving school studying a dual degree in Financial Planning and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Graduating with Merritts.   26/9/2023 see Toms putting on his graduation cap and gown.  


When not immersed in the world of finance or engaged in light-hearted office jest, Tom loves music, his mates, the biscuit barrel, (shortbread creams being his favourite) and football.  He’s a fanatic so much so that the $100greenback David put up for the footy tipping saw Tom as the winner and us all in awe.  


Tom’s daily lunches might be a regular spectacle of chicken, rice, and broccoli, but his heart is anything but. His kindness and personable nature make Tom a universal favourite, winning over anyone who meets him. But attention all matchmaking grandmas—Tom’s heart is already taken by his sweetheart, Liv!   


The in-house dynamo, bursting with questions and revolutionary ideas, often sending Lynn into a whirlwind of ‘whys’ and ‘hows’. Every now and then, Lynn does have to summon her ‘mum voice’ to get a word in edgeways—ah, the joys of office banter.  Toms rapport with the team is fantastic and has brought a great energy to the office.  Jade and Toms sibling-like rivalry, adds a splash of fun to our daily work. With amazing mentors in David and Jason, Tom is embracing the world of financial planning, with his eyes set on the prestigious title of a licensed financial advisor come November 2023.


Whether celebrating his recent Grand Final win in football—medal proudly displayed—or relishing his recent graduation, water-skiing, supporting his beloved football club, or enjoying his family his  infectious spirit is what we all love. Tom is a blend of kindness, humour, endless curiosity, and a dash of mischief! He’s our Energetic Maverick 


Paraplanning, Compliance Officer, Davids Right Hand

Dip FP and Adv Dip FP Grad Cert SMSF

Born in the country as the youngest of seven children, Lynn learnt how to stand her ground and work persistently towards her goals from an early age. By the age of 21, she had covered most of Australia on a motorbike, finally choosing Adelaide as her favourite city to settle in.

Lynn’s professional life unfolded across the diverse sectors of the finance industry, including banking, trustee firms, stockbrokers, and financial planning. The encounter with the vibrant Eileen and the brainiac David marked a turning point, inspiring her to secure and make her mark in financial planning and now a new business owner becoming quite an entrepreneur.

While David jokingly labels Lynn a “Gym Junkie”, the tag fits her perfectly. Be it practicing pole dance, Muay Thai, intense interval training, lunchtime exercise with Jade, or walking her red heeler, she embraces each activity with unwavering passion.

Recently, Lynn expanded her horizons even further by investing in a small business with a friend. Now the proud co-owner of a pole dancing studio, she is rapidly mastering the ins and outs of running a business, an experience she is enjoying.  As part of this new venture, she is also studying Personal Training, relishing the extra hours with Michael, the Money Matrix’s team personal trainer, Michael takes the team through their paces twice a week, and Lynn is questioning everything as Michael is her mentor.

Lynn’s dedication to continuous learning led her to achieve top of her class in her recently completed Diploma in SMSF (Self-Managed Super Funds), receiving her award in July 2023. This achievement stands testament to her unyielding commitment to her professional growth.

Balancing a busy work schedule with raising two young adults, she is moulding them into exemplary human beings, all while experimenting with fun cocktail recipes and introducing them to red and white wine. While she admits to not being a star in the kitchen, she’s grateful that her partner more than makes up for it with his culinary skills.

Lynn’s life is an impressive testament to the fruits of determination, zest for life, and a ceaseless pursuit of dreams. Her story serves as one of inspiration for those seeking motivation in their personal and professional journeys, reinforcing the belief that with enough tenacity, one can truly make it happen.


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Meet  our formerly shy but now assertive and self-assured gem, who stepped into the world of numbers and finances fresh out of high school and has been sprinkling her magic since December 2015. At the tender age of 17, when her peers were still contemplating their career choices, she boldly embraced the role of Client Service Officer with David and Eileen, leaving the glamorous world of the Coles Service Deli behind.

Our resident Google queen and the master of curating Spotify playlists! She’s our human databank, holding a treasure trove of client details; if you need to know something—anything—about a client from years ago, Jade’s your go-to. Seven years in, she’s still with us, diving joyfully into the world of financial planning, learning continually, supporting clients with a warm smile, and celebrating every accomplishment with genuine joy.

In 2019, our daring adventurer spread her wings and embarked on the Camp America program. This wasn’t just any trip; it was her maiden voyage overseas, spanning four thrilling months. She found herself amidst the wild and wonderful at a Girl Scout camp in Missouri, braving platform tents, environmental toilets, and the state’s whimsical summer. Not just a spectator, she took the reins, leading a bustling unit and learning invaluable leadership skills along the way.

Her wanderlust took her across 15 states, experiencing the grandeur of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter, floating above Albuquerque in a hot air balloon at sunrise, and exploring the enchanting world of Disney in Orlando, just to name a few. This journey ignited her passion for travel, promising more international escapades in the future!

In a twist of fate, she had a surprise encounter with a New York hospital the day before her return flight, turning her journey home into a medical adventure. Appendicitis couldn’t dampen her spirits, and surgery became another tale to tell. 

When Jades not conquering the financial world or travelling, she loves  her  music, stars on a podcasts show for the Crows.  Loves her AFL (a shoutout to the Crows!), baking, and the thrilling world of PlayStation. We do think her favourite pass time is bantering with Tom.  They  share a sibling-like rivalry, full of playful arguments but brimming with camaraderie.  Jade light-hearted jabs with boss David are the highlight of our days, keeping him grounded with her cheeky, witty comebacks. Take no prisoners Jade.

Our delightful adventurer continues her journey in the financial realm with eagerness and looks forward to the myriad of possibilities the future unfolds, ready to face them with her signature enthusiasm and charm!


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What a journey it has been for Trixie since she embarked on her role as Client Service Officer with The Money Matrix Advice team in February 2021. Trixie  comes with a degree in Marketing from Saint Theresa’s College Philippines. Before landing her role at The Money Matrix and facing a global pandemic, she served seven fruitful years as a sales officer in an insurance company. Trixie is fuelled by  delivering unparalleled customer service and ensuring every client feels valued.

In her slices of spare time, Trixie is a gourmet chef and baker in the making, with her family often delighting in her culinary creations. “Her banana bread is quite the signature dish,” colleagues would say.

Living in the bustling city of Cebu, Philippines, Trixie shines as a virtual assistant, maintaining seamless daily contact with the team through technology. She and Jade share a unique bond, exchanging conversations daily.

December 2021 marked a significant chapter in her life—her wedding, coinciding with one of the most severe typhoons in recorded history, made for a small, intimate ceremony. Hardly any of the guest were able to attend.  The aftermath left Trixie having to cancel her honeymoon plans and instead of being on a beautiful beach she spend 3  weeks in cleanup and restoration mode trying to get   basic amenities to her home. Thanks to David and Eileen’s generosity, she managed to take her postponed honeymoon in March 2022, stepping into a new life phase with her husband. Trixie, has 3 siblings who are scattered across the US and Australia.

As A Virtual Assistant Trixies jobs are varied from setting up client files, inputting data into financial planning software, preparing necessary documentation, to maintaining client databases, she handles a spectrum of tasks with continual learning and skill enhancement. “The variety in her role has meant learning lots of news skills, she is continually learning” 

Trixie values honesty and integrity and finds these values resonate well with her teammates at The Money Matrix Advice, making every day a harmonious blend of mutual respect and shared goals.



Client Service Officer

Born in the picturesque Whangarei, New Zealand, at a very young age Connor was soon to become a Brisbane kid, living in sunny Queensland. Obviously, the humidity agreed with him where he grew to a ‘modest’ height of 6ft 5 inches, making him a rather ‘small’ addition to any room. Connos journey then took a southern turn in 2022, moving to South Australia in January, a place he defends as far from being boring and an amazing place to live.

A former professional AFL player for the Brisbane Lions from 2017 to 2021, Connor has continued his love of football, and he now plays the SANFL fields with the Woodville West Torrens. Off the field, he’s been tackling a Bachelor of Business, majoring in financial planning, proving he’s as deft with numbers as he is with a footy.

Our gentle giant is known for his easy-going nature and towering presence, making him a standout character in the office, especially when he’s donning the Christmas outfit for team bonding. He believes in nurturing relationships, spending quality time, and diving into people’s interests, a philosophy that has helped him build a strong network.

When not strategising on financial plans or making his teammates chuckle with his self-deprecating humour, he enjoys the simpler things in life – quality time with family and friends, Playing with his new puppy Max,

exploring new places and indulging in his love for food. True to his nature, he’s the office’s friendly giant, or shorty as we all know him by. Connor is always up for a laugh and never taking himself too seriously.

Looking ahead, Connor is working hard towards finishing his degree and sitting the FACEA exam, looking to be a licensed financial advisor around February 2025. With the same zeal he brings to every aspect of his life Connor is looking forward to being an advisor. His journey is a mix of sportsmanship, financial savvy, and a hearty dose of humour – traits that make him an invaluable part of the team.



Our Values

Our Matrix Values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a business ​

Our Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our client's lives


We believe in Honesty with Purpose in all that we do


We start with the truth, rely on the truth and end with the truth when dealing with each other and our clients

hard Working

Through hard work, we will act in your best interest to meet your need and open up a world of possibilities

Confident strategies

We will continue to maintain a high level of Knowledge & Education to create strategies that will go beyond your expectations

our team

We will work together solidly with One Goal, One Passion, One Focus, for you our client.  One at a time.


Always doing the right thing for our clients and our business.






Young at heart


Achieves Results




Xenial X-Factor





I’By Ann Gallasch (Vinhaven Vineyards Pty Ltd)  Client of over 15 years


  • When you don’t get what you want, you get something better—experience.

  • Everything changes when you change.

  • Burying your talents won’t make them grow.

  • What they call you is up to them. What you answer to is up to you.

  • In this drama of life, there are no small part.

  • Get busy on the possible.

  • Start where you are.

  • You can make a big difference no matter how little you make.

  • Magnify the good.

  • Do your best and forget the rest.

  • Pay no attention to the results. It could simply be too soon to tell.

  • Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

  • When in doubt, just take the next small step.

  • Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

  • Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does.